The Most Important Benefits of Choosing a Glass Balustrade

glass balustrade

In recent years, glass balustrade systems have grown to be an extremely popular architectural feature for many buildings, both domestic and commercial. Crafted from stainless steel and suitable for indoor or outdoor placement, glass balustrades are just as eye-pleasing as they are functional, providing a wide range of different benefits.

Let’s take a closer look at the range of advantages that glass balustrades have to offer.

Glass lets light shine through and creates the illusion of space

One of the key reasons that glass balustrades are so popular for balconies, stairs and decking is that the use of glass has the advantage of letting light shine through. This allows for natural light to flow freely through any interior or exterior space to provide a much more open feel, even in smaller spaces. A frameless glass balustrade is more effective still, as this style of balustrade is free of stainless steel posts and handrails, creating an even more simplistic aesthetic with cleaner lines.

Whilst other modern solid materials such as chrome, or even solid stainless steel provide a reflective surface, to truly create the illusion of more space than there really is, transparent glass is essential. 

A glass balustrade doesn’t obstruct views

As well as letting light pass through freely, glass also provides a clear view of surroundings. This is particularly appealing for exterior balcony, patio, terrace and stair railings, where there is a great view to enjoy. In addition to the exterior benefits, interior glass balustrades in line with windows also prevent the obstruction of exernal views.

Weatherproof and easy to clean

Glass balustrades, whether frameless or with stainless steel fabrication, are highly durable when exposed to the elements and are resistant to rust. Glass is also easy to keep clean and in great condition. With access to simple glass cleaning products, balustrades can be wiped down in just a few minutes, which is a major advantage over other materials.

glass balustrade

Strong and long lasting

A further advantage of choosing glass balustrades is that they are extremely robust and can be expected to last for many years. Whilst you may fear that glass is delicate, modern glass is highly durable. Modern technology allows for glass to be manufactured to be extremely thick, safe and strong, meaning that considerable pressure is needed for it to break. Balustrades are designed and manufactured specifically to withstand wind and structural pressures.

Compared with other materials, such as wood, glass ages extremely slowly, so you’ll barely notice any changes if you are regularly wiping the glass clean.

Suitable for modern and older properties

A major benefit of installing glass balustrade systems is that it provides a modern, sophisticated feel to any property it is fitted in, whether residential or commercial. Needless to say, should you decide to sell or rent out your property in the future, modern features help to increase its appeal and value.

As well as fitting perfectly with modern designs, glass can also compliment other materials well, so if a glass balustrade or juliet balcony is fitted in a more traditional property, it can complement the overall appearance, adding a little modernity without distracting from traditional designs.

Glass balustrade and stainless steel fabricators in Devon

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